Hello Mr Singh,

“Hello Mr. Singh, I am a young female Cambridge resident. I do not follow politics and have only voted a handful of times due to not overly liking anyone who runs, so I apologize if this question has been answered somewhere at sometime. As I’m sure you’re aware, Cambridge has a lot of great mental […]

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Dear Cambridge,

Dear Cambridge, It has been a long and grueling campaign. Our lawn signs, coming out of some bygone political era, are littering every part of the city. Like you we are done hearing the same old arguments in 15 different ways. We are done with politicians attacking each other instead of focusing on the city. […]

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On October 16th the Canadian Center for Policy Research along with the Waterloo Region calculated the living wage to be $16 an hour. I am in full support of this. The number is conservative. It is based on what a family of four needs not only to live in this region, but live with dignity. […]

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